AX 2012 Consignor integration

The Consignor integration tool made available for Dynamics AX is a multipurpose tool for creating, exporting and importing CSV-files, XML-files or Excel spreadsheets. The tool has been specifically created to enable end-users and business consultants to perform data export and import, without knowing how do develop in Dynamics AX and X++.

The tool should be regarded as a generic tool, but as the name suggest, it does have a ready to use integration to Consignor. CONSIGNOR is a system designed for easy and efficient printing of labels, to address and send goods which are to be handled and delivered by a range of carriers, for example Posten Norge, Bring, Schenker, Tollpost, DSV, DHL, Nor Lines, Ramberg, and many more who use EDI data. CONSIGNOR may also be used to print labels for carriers who are not set up to handle EDI data. For an updated list of EDI supported carriers, please see Consignors website

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